Digital Educators & Service Providers

At our next event, we are staging the pilot run of a “Digital Arena” which will feature an array of “digital educators and service providers”. So far we have four companies onboard that share a similar vision and there will be more.

Think Digital Arena

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Typical Itinerary

Visit Town

1-2 days in town

Open Arena

Open Arena / doors to public and host workshops, displays & experiences

Night Cinema

Open Air Cinema at night

Typical Day

Schools in morning, Groups in afternoon, Businesses in evening, Attendance at major event eg. Country show, Festival, Field Day

Our Educators

From athletes to musicians and philosophers — we’re a pretty lively bunch! What do we share in common (beyond our effervescent charm and dashing good looks)?! We all feel passionate for assisting and educating regional & remote Australians.

Tim Gentle

Tim Gentle

Digital Crusader | Digital Strategy | Marketing | Online Technology

Founder of Think Digital, Speaker and Educator. Tim is a Regional, Rural & Remote Australian Advocate who is on a mission to bridge the digital divide!

Russell Plunket

Russell Plunket

Inspiring and Motivational Poet | Public Speaker | Self Publisher | Spirituality

Passionately Australia in his expression of the Australian spirit in his poetry exhibition titled “A Poetic Tribute to the spirit of Australia”.

Dawson Crompton

Dawson Crompton

Founder of Eagle Eyed PC Tek | IT | Computers | Bush Traveller

With 40 years experience, servicing and selling computers, laptops and mobile devices – Dawson is the go to person for all things tech!

Kerry Anderson

Kerry Anderson

Rural Advocate | Business | Education | Community

Author of Entrepreneurship: It’s Everybody’s Business, Kerry is passionate about rural and regional Australia.

Current Supporters

Steering Committee

  • Tim Gentle – Think.Digital
  • Antoinette Danaher – Uncommon Solutions


  • Gary Child – Volunteer Committee Member
  • Chris Gentle – Volunteer Committee Member


  • Cygnus Satellite
  • Optus Satellite
  • Youngs Bus Service
  • Murray Valley Technology Centre
  • Precision AV
  • Virtual Reality Ventures

Other Support Channels

  • Australia Post
  • NBN
  • National Farmers’ Federation
  • Broadband for the Bush

Next Steps

To get corporate and philanthropic partners and other supporters on board to help realise our Vision.

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